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  • A complete design & development lifespan path
  • Captivating animations
  • Mind-blowing digital prototypes
  • Interactive VR outputs
  • Live retail on-shelf evaluations
  • 3-D printing including all CAD preparation
  • FTP uploading and archiving


  • Solidworks CAD and CAE modeling: package, product, tooling & specifications
  • Structural & process analysis
  • Protocol to identify and solve complex problems
  • Material & substrate – performance and environmental testing


  • Efficient, effective involvement of client’s staff & corporate assets
  • Gated permission based access
  • Archived and filtered tracking history of every change or modification
  • Post directly to the message center, with full thread-dated history
  • Tasks are linked directly to live mission schedules
  • Mobile supported for multi-location live on-screen collaboration