Creative Provocation – The Inspiration Dilemma

Notions by Norman | by Norman Kay | 03.15.2021

Your audience expects revelation; be it complex or stripped of layers, minus the flim, none of the flam. They are waiting for the pearls and the wisdom; gift wrapped stuff they can chew on and even spew out sometime next year, re-mashed to polish their purpose.

Their attention is ignited by fascination, arousal, and controversy. Your output Informs, inspires, delights, angers or it disgusts. You want it piquant so they come back for more later.

Are you sure this thing you’re writing is going to have impact?

What if it’s not accepted?

It might even be panned.

And, when is this material good enough? And ‘good enough’ sucks anyway.

Maybe the work will just lie there like a beached manatee.

No connection. No inspiration. Hum drum – heaven forbid; that’s our nightmare.

In the era of shareable, what if it’s not shareable?

Who gives a blip, and why be shackled with self-doubt?

I am so glad that you asked.

Creative provocation is born of moist palms, butterflies, pain, deep work, and sometimes loathing. If you say “it fell from the tree,” you’re either a liar or your material isn’t worthy.  The lifecycle of something neoteric; an outrageous product, an amazing packaging design, a symphony, or a cure, takes form as follows:

Ideation > development > sputter > development > hesitation > enlightenment > rejection > suffering > dejection > reformulation > redevelopment > trust > execution > and launch. 

     These are the breadcrumbs. 

     So how do you know…..

     Before you let go?

     You don’t.

The pink locomotive is fueled by invention courage, conviction, and sweat.