Buzz Off

Buzz Off!

Blog | by Norman Kay | 08.10.2020

I’m sickened by the entire crappy repetitious nouveau buzz. Someone somewhere in a cave or a word factory tosses a dart at a Thesaurus Mural and issues forth a conspicuous buzzword or some inane chatter. Out into the night it appears like a flu virus channeling its way into every nook of the Nook and invading unvaccinated susceptible vocabularies.


Social media responds like mice to cheese and buzz to honey. All kinds of vapid articles, content and haikus emerge just frothing with the new buzz blitz. And, thankfully, these tidbits eventually succumb to pervasive overuse and become road kill midst our vernacular detritus


Show some respect for the deceased or currently flaming-out buzz. Let’s have a  minute of mental dry cleaning for: “low-hanging fruit, epic, game-changer, at the end of the day, innovation, mashup, information superhighway, resonate, thinking outside the box, scalability, real-time, sustainability, cloud this and cloud that, wisdom of the crowd, brick-and-mortar, globalization, exit strategy, paradigm shift, leverage, aspirational, etc, etc. “e pluribus nauseum.”


Let us exorcise the chaff and say amen as we go forth awaiting the next intrusion of clutter. Coming soon; I’m currently working on a 2500 word treatise on “fracking” using exclusively buzzspeak nouns and verbs.